Welcome to the upgraded website

There has been small change to the structure of the website:

  • We have introduced a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.  Yes, these are all questions that have been asked in the past.  Please do ask questions: we are happy to add to the list!
  • I have got rid of the concept of have orphan walkers not yet assigned to a team.
  • I have littered links to payment details and invoices around the website (the two most frequently asked questions in previous years).

Otherwise you should find it works as before.

However the software upgrade required meant that I had to rewrite extensive parts of the website (even if they look the same to you).  So please note:

  • Not all users got transferred across from the old website.   I'm not sure why and by the time I found out, it was too late to try and get it rectified.   So my apologies if you end up having to start with the registration process.
  • There will be bugs (1st rule of software: "there is always one more bug").  If something does not go right, then it may be a bug.  Please contact me and I will look at what is going on.