On the day


This section is intended to give a reasonably comprehensive view of what to expect on the day of the event.  It assumes that you have come from out of the area and it is your first time participating in this event.  It covers everything from your initial arrival prior to setting off on the event, to your eventual return, what you can expect along the way and after the event.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you think I have forgotten anything!

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Arriving on the day

Endurance80 | 60 and 40:

Where: The Misbourne [school], Misbourne Drive, Great Missenden, HP16 0BN (what3words: w3w.co/homeward.being.barks)
When: Your arrival time will be posted on this website a week before the event.
Parking: The school has a reasonably large car park, so you can leave your car or van here during the event.  Please DO NOT PARK ON THE DRIVEWAY.  This is used by marshalls and by the emergency vehicles that support this event.


Where: 1st Chesham Scout HQ, The Backs, Chesham, HP5 1DB  (what3words: w3w.co/join.stem.calls)
When: Your arrival time will be posted on this website a week before the event.
Parking: Leaders walking with the cubs can park at the scout HQ.  Leaders will be bused back when they have completed the course and handed the cubs back to their parents or guardians at The Misbourne.

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Reception and checks before departure

On arrival, please report to the reception marshall. 

When your team is complete and ready, the marshall will direct you to the reception desk, where your arrival is registered, your medical form is collected and checked, and you are issued with a walker number.

Please note that we require a medical form for each walker.  These are used in case of emergency to brief the emergency services on any known medical conditions (click here for the health form).

After registration, you will pass to kit check where we make sure that you have the necessary minimum kit to be able to participate and that it is in good working order (click here for the recommended kit list).

Any participant failing to satisfy us on either of these two matters (the completeness of the medical form and the adequacy of the kit) will not be allowed to participate.

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Leaving things at The Misbourne

You are welcome to leave small scale items that you may need on your return in the participants hall at The Misbourne.  We recommend that Endurance80 and Endurance60 walkers come with sleeping bags and possibly some clean comfortable socks for when you return.  We cannot take in larger items.  There won't be room.

NOTE:  the organisers will take no liability for anything left at The Misbourne, either inside the buildings or in cars.

Note that nothing can be left at Chesham Scout HQ

For Endurance10, nothing can be left at Chesham Scout HQ: the site will be closed and locked after all the Endurance10 teams have departed.

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What to bring with you

You need to come prepared for a tough cross country hike.   For Endurance 80 | 60 and 40 this could be from 12 hours, up to 24 hours walking.  The kit list defines the minimum that you must bring with you.  Please consider:

  • The weather: there is a weather forecast on this site provided by Accuweather (see home page on the right of the page).  But this is only a forecast and weather can change rapidly.  Please come prepared with suitable clothing for a walk in early March.
  • Food and drink (see also "food and drink").  Basic drink is provided around the course (cold drinks up to checkpoint 3 and hot or cold drinks thereafter).  Food is not guaranteed and is not under our control round the course.  So we recommend carrying enough water or other drink to get around at least two checkpoints and energy food to see you through the whole course.
  • Medicines or treatments for pre-existing conditions.  There are no formal first aid arrangements once you are on the course.   Some of the marshalls at checkpoints may be first aid trained, but this is not guaranteed.  Please make sure you have with you any medicines or treatments for pre-existing conditions that you might need.
  • Mobile phones, for use in case of emergency whilst you are between checkpoints (preferably covering a selection of networks between the team)
  • Blister plasters etc.  Very useful!

Endurance80 and Endurance60 walkers may want to consider also loading sleeping bags or similar for when you arrive back at The Misbourne.  These can be left in the participants hall at The Misbourne.

Endurance10 leaders need also to consider the needs and safety of their walkers.  Although the fastest teams can do it in 2 hours, leaders should allow for up to 4 or more hours, across country in potentially changeable weather.   The Endurance10 kit list defines the minimum equipment that we expect the teams to have.

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Setting off

Once all the checks are done then you are ready to go.

At the registration desk you were given a card with your team number and walker number (for example, walker "1A", walker "1B", walker "3E" etc).  This also has on it the emergency phone number to call should you get into trouble between checkpoints.  The card is used to record your progress around the course - you will need it at each checkpoint starting with the start desk.

As a team, present yourself to the start desk, where your departure will be recorded both internally and on your card.

Teams are then dispatched in the order that they are ready at around 2 minute intervals.

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There are 24 checkpoints (including un-manned checkpoints) around the E80 course, 15 on the E60 course, 11 checkpoints on the E40 course and 1 on the E10 course.

The checkpoint serves three purposes:

  • To record the progress of each walker around the course
  • To offer some refreshment (see below)
  • To provide a place where walkers who wish to stop can drop out of the event safely

Each checkpoint is manned by a number of marshalls and a radio car.  The marshalls will

  • greet you on arrival and record who you are
  • discretely assess your physical condition.  Marshalls are authorised to order a walker to drop out if they think that there is a risk of accident or exhaustion before the next checkpoint or that the walker is in no fit state to continue.  This happens very rarely and when it has happened, the walker has always agreed!
  • provide you any refreshment (see below)
  • register your departure, both on the walker card (make sure you get this registered on your card) and on their own walker records.
  • inform the control centre at The Misbourne of the time at which you left the checkpoint to continue your walk.

Should a walker drop out, the marshall will contact the control centre and arrange for the walker to be picked up.  NOTE that our duty of care requires that we return the walker to The Misbourne.  After that, and only after that, the walker is free to make any other arrangements for transport.  See later for more details on dropping out.

Refreshments:   each checkpoint will offer basic cold drinks.  From checkpoint 4 onwards, basic hot drinks (coffee, tea, chocolate) are also available.  Food is not provided by Endurance80 out on the course.  However in past years some checkpoints have provided food and a variety of drinks.  This is done on a voluntary basis.  We do not know before the day what might be found on the course.  We recommend that no reliance is placed on the checkpoints to provide food.  You should treat any food encountered as a bonus!

Toilets:  Please note that there are limited toilet facilities on the course.  Below, you will find a full list of the one we know of.  Most CPs do not have any facilities available.

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Dropping out

It inevitable, I'm afraid, that people will drop out.  It might be exhaustion, it might be painful blisters.  No matter what the reason, we are here to support you.

At checkpoints

The best place to drop out is at a checkpoint.  Mobile radio coverage can be patchy around the course and there are blank spots.  However each checkpoint is supported by a professional radio operator that can guarantee communication back to the control centre.  

If you decide to drop out, please tell the marshall at the checkpoint.  He will then report your request to central control, who will send a minibus out to the checkpoint to pick you up and bring you back to The Misbourne.  Our duty of care demands that we return you to The Misbourne.  Please do not accept lifts from supporters and spectators.  This will cause confusion and may result in a search effort for an apparently missing person.

On the course

As stated above, cellular mobile coverage is patchy in the Chilterns.  So dropping out between checkpoints should be avoided.  If however there is no way of continuing to the next checkpoint, please find an area with mobile coverage and call the emergency number on your walker card.  This will connect directly to the control centre who will than arrange with you for help to arrive.

If you do have to stop on the course, it is critical that we know your condition and where you are.  It is critical that you stay put and stay in touch until we reach you.

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We have no objection to supporters meeting you at the checkpoints.  However the following must be noted:

  • Any transport of a walker by a supporter or spectator will result in immediate disqualification
  • It is imperative that all walkers reach The Misbourne either on foot (having completed the course) or using Endurance80 transport.  Supporters MUST NOT give lifts to walkers until they have registered as having returned at The Misbourne.
  • Supporters cannot provide replacement clothing or extra food.  This is an endurance event and you are required to be self supporting throughout.
  • Some checkpoints cannot accept supporters because of their location and the danger that extra vehicles will create.

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We have been fortunate that we have not had any major mishaps in the years that we have run this event.  That does not leave any room for complacency.

To support walkers, we have the following:

  • A professionally run radio network that guarantees communication from checkpoints back to the control centre
  • A tracking system at the control centre that records graphically the last known position of each walker
  • A set of minibuses that patrol the checkpoints, collect walkers who have dropped out and provide emergency support.  They are connected to the radio network and are in constant communication

Should an emergency occur, it must be reported to the control centre. This can be done by the checkpoint marshall or, if there is no checkpoint nearby, by calling the control centre emergency number printed on your walker card. If it is serious and is reported at a checkpoint, then communications will continue on another radio channel to ensure privacy and availability of communications.  

The control centre will co-ordinate the response to the emergency, including, if required, summoning the emergency services and communicating the details of the health form to the medical authorities.  Normally, it is usually sufficient to dispatch a minibus to collect the casualty and return the person to The Misbourne.

It is essential that the control centre is notified of all walker activity, since lack of news about any walker will cause the control centre to start a search for a "missing person".  If that person has already been removed from the course by other means and without control centre's knowledge, this could waste a lot of time and energy that could be better directed at keeping the event running smoothly.

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Finishing at The Misbourne

Endurance80 | 60 | 40

Naturally there are two ways in which you could return to The Misbourne - on foot since you have completed the course (congratulations!) or in a minibus.  Either way, the same process will be applied:

  • The registration desk will record your return
  • After this you are free to get a drink (hot and cold drinks are provided), 
  • Endurance80 | 60 walkers and Endurance40 walkers from out of county can bed down in the participants hall. It is expected that Buckinghamshire based Endurance40 walkers will be collected after the event.
  • You can be collected by your supporters or leave under your own steam only after you have arrived at The Misbourne and been registered as having returned.

Endurance40 walkers will receive supper on their return.  In the morning, breakfast will be available for Endurance80 | 60 walkers.


Endurance10 walkers will finish at The Misbourne: parents or guardians should be told to pick up the cubs from here.

As with the senior events, any who members dropped out at checkpoint 1 will be collected by bus and taken to The Misbourne, to await the arrival of their team.  NOTE that they are not returned to Chesham Scout HQ (the start of Endurance10): this location will be closed after all teams have departed.

Leaders and others who have walked with their teams, will be taken back by mini-bus to Chesham HQ car park when they are ready.

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Food and drink

We provide drinks throughout the course.  

  • Cold drinks (squash and water) are available at all checkpoints
  • Hot drinks (tea, coffee, chocolate, soup) are available from checkpoint 3 onwards

Endurance80 does not provide any food on the course.  However, in previous years, many of the later checkpoints have provided varying levels of food voluntarily from their own resources.  We cannot make any commitment as to what you will find out there, so we recommend that you come ready for the worst (no food at all at any checkpoint) and hope for the best!

Hot and cold drinks are freely available at The Misbourne at all times.

A hot supper will be provided to Endurance40 walkers free of charge after they have returned to the Misbourne (any retired Endurance80 walkers may buy supper).

Breakfast will be provided to Endurance80 walkers free of charge from early on Sunday morning at The Misbourne.

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The are a limited number of toilets available in the route.  Below is a list of the ones that we know of:

  • The Misbourne (start)
  • Chesham (CP 2) - public toilets at the end of the park - this will take you about 5 mins off route
  • Wendover High Street - public toilets just before the CP
  • Lee Common (CP 9 - E40 only)
  • Princes Risborough (CP 12)
  • Stokenchurch (CP 17)
  • Radnage (CP 18)
  • Prestwood (CP 22)
  • The Misbourne (finish)

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Awards and presentations

We make a number of awards to winners in various categories:

  • The fastest team to complete the course
  • The youngest person to complete
  • The oldest person to complete
  • The fastest team up Coombe Hill (CP9 to CP10)
  • The fastest team from outside Buckinghamshire

Certificates are also available:

  • One for anyone who completed the course
  • One for everyone else showing how much they completed

If you don't want to wait for your certificate and would like them sent on, please leave the address of your team manager at the registration desk.

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I hope this gives you a comprehensive view of what to expect.

If you have comments or think we have not covered some important item, please let me know.

GOOD LUCK on the day!

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